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Ritchie Shawl

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This is a PDF knitting pattern

Ritchie is a parallelogram shaped wrap, knit seamlessly. It starts top-down and end up bottom-up! Combining innovative construction mosaic slipped stitch, texture and relaxing Garter, it is sure to please you on long fall evenings by the fire!

The pattern is easy to follow, including charts only for the mosaic sections. Don’t know how to read charts? No problem! I have recorded a MOSAIC primer tutorial for you here - once you try it, there is no going back, it is that easy! Mosaic stitch uses only ONE color per row, resulting in stunning colorwork effects, win win!:)

Miss Babs Yummy 2-Ply Toes
2 skeins(800yards) of MC(main color) and 1 skein(400yards) of CC(contrast color)
Samples uses Daguerrotype as MC and Pewter as CC

Length tip to tip: 72”
Width: 19.5”

Tapestry needle, markers

US#4/3.50mm - 24”/60cm

Tapestry needle, markers

22sts per 4” in Garter Stitch post blocking with US#4/3.50mm

Dennis Ritchie, who wrote the infamous C language and Unix OS(together with Ken Thompson) died within a week of Steve Jobs. It struck me as odd that given the importance of his inventions, his death got barely any coverage.
You may not know this but, everything we use in software and technology today either uses Dennis’s inventions or derives from them. Windows and Apple OS, Linux, most sites on the web and software you use are written in C based languages. His impact is truly gigantic!

When I sat down to design this shawl, the mosaic stitch and the colors reminded me of the Boolean true/false concept and the idea to dedicate it to Dennis Ritchie was born!
You will get a PDF (701KB) file